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Winter, 2007, trip.  We will travel to Dominica during the week beginning January 20 and staying at the Anchorage Hotel.  If you would like to see Sea Horses and Frog Fish on nearly every dive, warm water with the dive sites just a short trip from the dock, unlimited shore diving, and some of the most beautiful above water scenery anywhere in the Caribbean, contact Bob at the link below.


Winter Live Aboard Trip.   On February 22, 2007, we will board the Nautilus Explorer for a ten day trip to Socorro Island and other Revillagigedo Islands off the coast of Baja California.  Mantas and several different types of sharks are seen on nearly every dive and whale sharks and whales a distinct possibility.  This is high voltage diving and not recommended for beginners.  For more information contact Bob at the link below. 

If you are interested in joining us click here.