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Louisville (Kentucky, USA) Scuba Divers is a relatively informal group of divers from varied walks of life who enjoy diving and one another's company as well. Organized in 1991, the club meets on the third Sunday evening of each month to swap diving tales, plan trips and outings, and generally have a good time. The club welcomes anyone who dives, would like to dive, likes to talk about diving, or just likes divers. Dues are $20--no certification required to pay dues--per year and are collected with fierce vigor by our unbonded Treasurer whom we refer to as the Chancellor or the Exchequer.

Our first dive trip as a group was to Tortola where one of our members forgot her passport, so we had to bribe the Captain of the ferry from St. Thomas to Tortola to sneak her through customs. On a stopover in St. Thomas on the way home several of our members crashed a wedding and trashed the reception pretty well. (After all, they were hungry and provisions were prohibitively expensive after the bribery money was gone.)

Subsequent trips have been equally exciting. One of our most famous moments was in Cozumel where the two moons over Cozumel ritual was performed and photographed extensively. Good taste prevents us from publishing any of those photos on this site, not to mention that the subjects of the photo have contributed dearly to our treasury.

Our annual Christmas party is the social event of any holiday season, featuring a gift exchange where good taste is once again disregarded in favor of opulence and extravagance.

We welcome new members as an opportunity to expand our already bulging treasury, so we may purchase swell gifts and prizes for our annual bowling and beer guzzling party that occurs sometime in the spring.